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Description of eLoads.US load board and transportation management system.
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Welcome to eLoads.US -

A free transportation management system with load board and truck board, the fast and flexible playground built for truckers by truckers.

The main focus is to increase efficiency and provide straight-through processing of the freight transportation management tasks.

We automate email notifications to customers and drivers. Provide flexible document filtering and search capability. Create minions to find you the best loads available to satisfy your requirements. Process multiple documents in batches. And we let you decide how you want your system to look and feel.

Sign in with a Google account to access free load management tools. We ask your permission to view your public Google user profile data, send emails on your behalf, and store your documents on your account's Google Drive. We do not share or sell your information and do not store sensitive data. Please consult our Privacy Policy for details.

Visit our YouTube channel to browse free informational videos helping master eLoads.US load board and TMS.

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